RAUG on hiatus since June 4, 2014


The Risk Assessment Users Group is on hiatus following my retirement from the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). The GSC cannot continue to support the RAUG, because it does not have enough people to supply all the services it sees as important. I will be emeritus scientist with the GSC for a year and hope to host a few RAUG meetings through 2014. The next meeting is planned for Wednesday June 4, 2014. The topic and possible speaker is to be determined. Feel free to suggest topics, speakers and volunteer to guest host the group. The RAUG website will be maintained into the near future.

Documentation of the March 5, 2014 meeting is complete and posted to the RAUG website. Those documents include the meeting agenda, notes and news and views podcast, and the slide deck and podcast for Jessica Shoubridge's presentation on the City of Vancouver development of an earthquake strategy. Lively discussion followed the presentation and is captured as notes and fully on the podcast. A key point from the discussion: the best risk management strategy is to have a periodic schedule of risk assessment tied to your strategic planning process.

All the best