RAUG projects idea kick start


Nine (of 133) people provided suggestions for which project the Risk Assessment Users Group should do until next summer. Out of nine options, two got the most votes: 1) create a list of active risk projects and 2) write a dictionary to describe how sectors use risk terms (dialects). Opinions were gathered with a SurveyMonkey poll from September to mid-November 2013. Two project ideas were written in: 1) create standards for hazard and risk scenarios to guide production of those scenarios for sharing online and 2) create a youtube video to describe risk assessment.

The RAUG project idea does not appear to have generated much excitement. Although when the list of potential projects was shared with the RAUG, I got a few notes back asking if those things already existed, because they could use them all! Of the project ideas, we already started the list of active risk projects.

One way of changing the world is to dive in and do something with the willing. So let's do that. For the project to create a list of active risk projects, I will send around a spreadsheet to collect information. If you're keen to make something happen with the group, such as the dialect dictionary let us know. I will help to link you up with partners to make it happen. Researchers with the Geological Survey of Canada in Vancouver had already put in a project proposal to create an online natural hazard risk information centre and necessary standards. It would provide a place to share natural hazard scenarios and natural hazard disaster loss-estimates and other risk assessment outputs. They won't hear if it is a go until February 2014.