Dialects of Speaking Risk Assessment


Risk assessment is mainstream to societal activity. Most, maybe all, sectors assess the risk of what they do and the landscape in which they operate. I come from the background of risk posed by geological hazards. Players of risk assessment in each sector seem to talk risk assessment in different ways; in different dialects. The words are all pronounced the same. They just have slightly or considerably different meaning: maybe. As in any conversation with dialects it is not clear whether the word has a different meaning or the context (culture) makes it seem to have a different meaning. For example, the word risk has been used to mean the probability of a consequence, the consequence alone, or the cause rather than the consequence. It may be the differences of context that makes it seem that the health, business and disaster sectors do not use risk the same way. Those difference may be because i don't know the language of health and business. Are the concepts the same when the mental health field says assess the "risks of self-neglect and vulnerability" and the business field says assess the "risks that could affect your business". They seem different. Maybe that's because I am stuck on thinking that vulnerability is a variable that is part of the measure of the amount of risk and it is your business that is at risk and is affected by a hazard. Maybe.