Hazus Canada: Quantitative Risk Assessment Project

Under the NRCan Public Safety Geoscience Program.
Concentrates on adoption, adaptation, and promotion of the FEMA created loss-estimation software Hazus-MH for use in Canada. The software plugin for ArcMap estimates losses from model and real earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and storm surges. The project's two primary partners for testing the adaptation of Hazus are the District of North Vancouver and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Each Hazus hazard module is converted one at a time. Presently the earthquake module is functional and the Hazus Canada 2.1 release comes with a national residential building and demographics dataset. The Comprehensive Data Management System used for converting your data sets into Hazus format and uploading them to its Provincial dataset has also been converted for use in Canada. The flood module is currently under contract to be converted for use in Canada, and should be available in late 2013. Proposals have been made for a second phase of the project to further convert relevant modules (anticipated new tsunami module) and to conduct a national seismic hazard risk evaluation. The District of North Vancouver activity is led by Nicky Hastings of the GSC Vancouver office and the eastern Canada Ottawa to Quebec City corridor study is being led by Miro Nastev. They work with a myriad of researchers from those partnerships and at UBC, SFU, Laval, UofMontreal, and Western.

Nastev, Miroslav
Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada
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