Canadian Hazard Risk Assessment Project Inventory


In the next few months, the RAUG site will be redesigned to include tools to record and display an inventory of Canadian hazard risk assessment projects and experts. The structure for the list of projects will be made first. The list of experts will require some consideration of privacy issues before it is constructed. It would be best if experts self-identified and posted the information about themselves that were comfortable making public. The goal of these inventories is provide those working in the field of risk assessment with a quick summary of research, development and application in risk assessment. One of the first discoveries may be such an inventory which already exists, or simultaneous enactment of the same invention. If this takes off, it would probably need to quickly evolve into a more structured collection, and that for the time beng, would require better Drupal administrators than me.

The first attempt for the project inventory requires you to send me information about your project. If enough demand exists for posting your own project information then the system would be revamped to use site membership login. So far that tool is not used to eliminate the maintenance of spam registrations, and because the site was created to provide access to the documents for and from each of the RAUG meetings.